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Mystery Boxes ONLY $10 + HUGE GIVEAWAY!
Mystery Boxes ONLY $10 + HUGE GIVEAWAY!

Mystery Box (Self-adhesive)

Original price $10.00 - Original price $10.00
Original price
$10.00 - $10.00
Current price $10.00


We are placing 1 Red Heart to 10 Mystery Box Orders!

10 Lucky Winners will have the chance to choose a Heat Press, Mug Press or 5 Pounds of HTV

BONUS !! Receive a link to download over 10000+ SVGs for your business or personal use with your mystery box purchase(link will be sent with your order confirmation)

Our #1 Mystery Box has been a blast at HeatTransferStore for almost 1 years.


You will most certainly find Glitter, Regular Self-Adhesive and more inside this box. All sheets will be 12"x 12" . Sadly it is by value so we cannot estimate how many sheets you will receive. But we guarantee you will love it.


This is always whole sheets NEVER small/tiny scraps! You will always receive different type of vinyl . NEVER A DUPLICATE